Friday, April 18, 2014

Prom: Your Fairy Tale Starts with Cheesehead Limo!

Your high school prom night is a very exciting event…
You want to look good and have a great time with all your friends.
Your parents would like you to “have fun, but be safe.”
Why not rent the best of limo transportation in all of Southeast Wisconsin?

Start your fairy tale evening with a Cheesehead limo or, better yet... a Cheesehead Party Bus! 

Interior of the party bus… fun? You bet!

And why not a party bus!? This option will ensure that you and 14 of your closest friends arrive to prom safely, on time, and stepping out in style.

And, it’s an absolutely fabulous addition to the photos you’ll be taking!

Affordable Transportation with Cheesehead Limos!
An inexpensive way to rent a limo service is to split up the cost among you and your friends. Here’s the scenario…
You + 14 of your closest friends + a Cheesehead party bus for 5 hours = $550 (includes tax).
Even if you add in a 20% gratuity for your driver, the amount is less than $45 per person for the night. 
That's probably less than your prom ticket!

Safe Transportation with Cheesehead Limo!
Each year, there are thousands of alcohol related car accidents and deaths during prom season.
But, you can have a memorable, stylish prom night with all of your friends…without your parents worrying! They can rest assured that Cheesehead Limousine’s professional driver will get you to and from your destination safely!
And you’ll be glad you went with Cheesehead Limousine service for one of the best nights in your young life!

Ensure It with Cheesehead Limousine!
Prom season is here! If you're interested in booking a limo or a party bus, do it quick!
As Southeast Wisconsin’s premier limo company, we have 6-, 8-, 10-passenger stretch limos and 15-passenger party bus limos available. Visit our website for photos of our fleet and more rate options.
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